Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What You Already Know About Taco Bell

  Folks, it is not often that I eat at restaurants like Taco Bell... places that serve cheap "food" (in only the loosest sense of the term) when you are on the run or at all hours of the night.  Here in Austin, after the night at the bar, I at least have the option of a place like Kirby Lane, but sometimes making a "run for the border" (their ad slogan from the 90's) just sounds good... like when your slightly inebriated at 3am.

 And, I admit, I love their Mexican pizzas.

 Anyway, something that has ALWAYS bothered me about Taco Bell and other fast-food joints is their advertising.  What is on their ads is nothing like what they actually serve you.  McDonald's has gotten better about this, and Burger King has its moments, but Taco Bell is the worst.

 Look at this photo.

 On the left is their ad.  This was right outside, view-able from the drive-thru.  Look at those tacos.  They are stuffed with "meat"... or that meat-like paste that Taco Bell uses in their tacos.  Look how wide those tacos are.  I might be able to eat two of those tacos in the ad and be full.

 To the right is the taco I was given.  I would estimate that it has about half the "meat" of the taco pictured in the ad.  The shell is not nearly as wide as those in the ad.  By comparison, it is just pathetic.

 Now, I know that we all know this is how it is.  Still, I think that if Taco Bell is called upon about this kind of blatant exaggeration in their ads, that they should do something to make it better for their customer.  I went to the manager on shift that night and pointed-out how pathetic my taco was compared to the taco in the ad, and first she tried to tell me that it looked the same to her.

 I said, "You have to be kidding."

 She then stated that every taco has an exact amount of each ingredient per the standards set by corporate.  When I said that this is clearly not as the taco was being advertised, she simply said there was nothing she could do and referred me again to the corporate office.

 Thankfully, this is the Internet Age, with instant, public discourse being available to anyone with access to a computer and a connection to the network.  So, what I am going to do, after wrapping up this blog, is shoot off an email to Taco Bell Corporate and refer them back to the photo above.  Then, I will update this blog as to how it all goes down.  Who wants to place bets on a $5 gift card being the offer used to pacify me?

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